Whatsapp Official Business ​API

WhatsApp Official Business makes it easy to contact your customers through WhatsApp messages.

With the massive growth of social media, WhatsApp has become the leading social media used by everyone around the world. WhatsApp is the most widely used conversational application in the world. Based on a survey conducted by the We Are Social Institute in January 2022, more than 3.5 billion users are active and growing. On a global scale, more than 3.5 billion active users and more than 65 billion messages are sent every day. Whatsapp also gets the number 1 rating for the most used chat app.

By using WhatsApp Official Business, it will greatly facilitate your company’s service to customers because currently almost all Indonesians and globally use the WhatsApp application. The company can also send direct messages to thousands of customer numbers with the name and official company number that has become an official account can be seen directly by customers. WhatsApp Official Business also makes it easy to send and reply to messages with bots. PT Jaring Synergi Mandiri also provides WhatsApp Official Business services that are integrated with contact center services. This service can be used for marketing for company products, customer service and many other uses.

Benefits of WhatsApp Official Business:

Information can be trusted because it uses an official verified account and is instantly recognized

Provides fast response

Conversation history

Your privacy is maintained