A Seamless Customer Experience Journey​

Synergix Solutions is a flagship digital omnichannel platform owned by PT Jaring Synergi Mandiri. Omnichannel that combines various communication channels in one interface that can make it easier for users. Omnichannel systems that work in parallel, communication channels and all supporting resources are designed to work simultaneously.

Synergix is a new technology that we build refers to the process of interaction with customers to run consistently and smoothly. Customers can interact with the company’s products, services, or brands that are easily accessible through various channels.
The goal is to make every step of the customer journey as easy, enjoyable and efficient as possible from the company’s side as well, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales results.

Platforms available on Synergix

Voice Phone & VoIP

Whatsapp Official API


Artificial Intelligence

Video Call

Why use the Synergix app?

We fully understand each client has varied needs and desires, therefore the system will be designed and built with the specific needs and demands of the clients themselves to accommodate their current needs. But we still provide the best consultation and build systems to facilitate other needs that may arise in the future. We provide a variety of modules that are ready to be implemented according to the Workflow you want, both Dashboard, Flow Ticket, and Reporting which are developed quickly with the support of the Internal team.

Realtime Monitoring

Acceleration of the completion process that can be monitored in real time

User Friendly

The app is easy to use, and the dashboard is easy to understand.

API Integration

Can be integrated through existing systems easily through APIs

Reports & Analytics

Reports from various customizable features and filters

Web and mobile based

Can be accessed from anywhere and anytime

Database Management

Well-documented customer history

System Demo

Our system is readily available and can be demonstrated live as quickly as possible.


AI-based ChatBot feature for quick response for a satisfying customer experience.

One Platform for multiple channels

Serve Customer Interactions from Various Digital Channels from a Single Dashboard

Prioritize, categorize, and assign tickets to the right agents and leverage the power of your entire organization to deliver customer satisfaction.

Synergix Mobile

Synergix Mobile is an application that functions as customer service like Synergix, but is displayed on a smartphone screen. The Synergix application provides real-time digital data information and various digital channels in the form of easy-to-understand smartphone screen displays.

The Synergix Mobile app differs from apps run on a desktop or laptop computer, in that it’s designed to take advantage of the features and potential of mobile devices, including touchscreens, sensors, cameras, and mobile network connectivity.

Enjoy the ease of communicating with your customers at your fingertips.

Synergix Mobile comes with VOIP & Video Call features

Display on mobile customers

VOIP can send voice calls over the internet network. These features can help improve contact center efficiency and productivity, improve customer experience, and ensure high-quality service.

With the Video Call feature, customers can communicate directly with agents through video calls, providing a more personal and effective interaction experience.

Display on Agent Contact center

Use the Synergix Mobile App for Your Business!

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Improve Company Reputation

Increase Customer Retention

Anywhere and anytime easily connect with customers

Improve your customer service with the
Synergix App!