HR ​Outsource

HR plays a key role in the field of service, qualified human resources are needed to be able to use applications and connect several processes simultaneously so that problems can be resolved and they directly represent the image of the company. PT Jaring Synergi Mandiri is willing to provide human resources for you in contact center services, admin and other needs.

We provide human resources (HR) in accordance with established criteria. Directing the right people so that they can achieve maximum results. In each project we will place our best team, both permanent and temporary / contract staff, who have experience in Contact Center activities. For contract employees, they have a direct agreement with us and we have a strong commitment to internal promotion. In maintaining the quality of human resources, we have an independent department in charge of monitoring the quality of conversations when receiving or making calls in each Call Center unit managed by PT Jaring Synergi Mandiri. The department is the Quality Assurance department.

Advantages of HR Outsourced PT Jaring Synergi Mandiri:

The choice of qualified candidates

Source candidates from multiple channels

Experienced recruiting team

The team employed is always monitored to maintain its quality

The choice of qualified candidates

Training according to the required skills

Client KPIs become our KPI