About Us

Jaring Synergi Mandiri was established in October 2003. The founders of JSM focused on providing solutions from consulting in formulating business strategies and organizational arrangements to carry out business operations.

The types of Jaring Synergi Mandiri’s business services include: Contact Center, System Development, WhatsApp Official Business and Human Resources.

Along with the times, our expertise in managing Contact Centers is also needed by companies that have concerns in taking care of their customers. As the company grows, our clients also grow into Banking to Automotive, Finance, e-Commerce, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Government, Public Sector and FMCG.


To become a responsive, innovative, professional and trusted business process management company on a national and international scale, providing synergistic customized solutions through the application of technological advances.


Our Expertise

Experienced, Committed and Proactive Team

Our main strength is an experienced team in the improvement and automation of business processes, besides being able to learn quickly to understand and handle unique aspects of each client’s business processes, thus making a direct positive contribution to the development of client systems and services.

System Development

We build and develop our own systems that are used to serve our clients, so that we can meet clients’ needs accurately and quickly. Our strength is the development of systems that are integrated with telephone systems.

JSM Management

Franky Suhenda


Melinda Kurniawan

President Director

Haris Alamsyah

IT Director


Operational Director

Irwan Surya

Head of Compliance & Quality

Herni Setiana

Head of Business

Cut Liza Yunita

Head of Operation

Herfan Prasetya

Head of IT