Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Inbound Contact Center

Inbound contact center service, or we can call it telephone reception service, is a service where customers can be reached with a wide selection of channels. Contact Center can also make outgoing calls from other media to customers to complete previous calls. At the same time clients can monitor the performance of the Contact Center team.

Inbound services consist of:

Information / Inquiry: customers can inquire about product services, prices, branches, available customer data to the assigned contact center agent.

Complaint Handling: customers can submit complaints to contact center agents, and contact centers submit these complaints to related work units which in the future can be an insight for the company.

Special Assessment / Survey: customers can get certain assessments such as asking for certain goods or orders and asking for the distribution of a product.

Outbound Contact Center

Outbound contact center services are services where agents make outbound calls to your customers or prospects to meet the various needs of your company. We will help manage your data to find high profits through various channels such as phone calls, whatsapp and email.

You can use outbound services to increase satisfaction, for the convenience of your customers and maintain the loyalty of your customers. Some Outbound Contact Center services are commonly used for customer verification, surveys and marketing sales of the company.

VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol)

Voice over Internet Protocol is a system that allows voice communication over the internet network. This technology converts voice signals into data that can be transmitted over the internet such as email or other files.

Offers reliable and accessible customer support through diverse and efficient channels

VoIP calls are often more affordable than traditional phone calls, especially for long distance and international calls.

VoIP calls can be made from a variety of devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets, providing flexibility in how and where you communicate.

VoIP can be easily integrated with other communication services such as video conferencing. VoIP also enables a unified communications experience.

Video Call Solutions

Improve your customer service experience with video call features

Video call in contact center is a feature that allows customers to make video calls with contact center agents through applications or devices that support video calls, which is the Synergix application. Video calls are very helpful in solving customer problems more effectively and efficiently, as well as improving customer interaction with contact center agents.


OmniChannel contact center is a service that facilitates interaction between customers and companies on various channels between customers / prospective customers and providers of goods or services. This system is able to integrate all interactions that occur with the same customer in different channels and opportunities. Any contact center agents who serve the customers must be given the best services, because previous interaction records are recorded and traceable in the omnichannel system. Improve customer experience and satisfaction through various integrated communication media channels.

Improve customer experience and satisfaction through various integrated communication media channels. OmniChannel can reach more customers from various communication channels. This will make it easier for us to respond quickly.

Channel; WhatsApp, Instagram, facebook, Livechat, Voip, Video, dan Sosial Media lainnya

One platform for various channels

Serve Customer Interactions from Various Digital Channels from a Single Dashboard

Prioritize, categorize and assign tickets to the right agents and leverage the power of your entire organization to deliver customer satisfaction.

Improve Customer Interaction Performance Effectively and Efficiently

Here are some of the benefits of using the Omnichannel Platform:

Leverage social media

Integrates with multiple channels

Rapid revenue growth

Good problem mapping

Record of previous interactions

Improve your customer service with the most complete Contact Center system!