Contact Center

Contact Center is the frontline in customer service, so its use must be carried out optimally and competently. In this case, PT Jaring Synergi Mandiri with a long experience in the field of contact centers can provide you with the best service. With qualified and top-notch human resources, we can help to provide good service and satisfy customers. With qualified and top-notch human resources, we can help to provide good service to satisfy customers. It is a must to have a reliable contact center, both in terms of technology and human resources.

We have the latest technology called SYNERGIX which is able to provide all the needs for your contact center. SYNERGIX is a technology that is equipped with web based contact center services and can also be easily integrated with the system that your company has. With global coverage, our services are able to serve customers wherever they are and whenever they need it. In addition, Synergix can also prepare a database for your company which you can later develop for your business needs easily and accurately – refers to the collection of customer or prospective customer data to understand their needs and use personalized communications for data-driven marketing purposes that include understanding and managing your customer data.

PT Jaring Synergi Mandiri’s innovation in developing a contact center system is designed to meet the needs of the present and is also designed to facilitate future needs. We build and develop systems that are used to serve our clients, so that we can meet the needs of our clients accurately and quickly. Our strength is the development of systems that are integrated with telephony systems and other communication media.

For human resources, PT Jaring Synergi Mandiri has a reliable recruitment team, with a recruitment team that is very experienced in the field of contact centers. We provide human resources according to the established criteria, directing the right people so that they can achieve maximum results. To achieve maximum results, PT Jaring Synergi Mandiri also prepares a team tasked with evaluating employees, and is given training in accordance with the required skills. In addition, after working with us, the company’s KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is also our KPI. So we are fully committed to our responsibilities as representatives of your company.

There are two Contact Center Services that Jaring Synergi Mandiri provides:

Inbound contact center

Inbound contact center service, or we can call it telephone reception service is a service where customers can be reached with a variety of channel options. Contact Center can also make outbound calls from other media to customers to complete previous calls. At the same time the client can monitor the performance of the Contact Center team.

An inbound service consists of several services such as services for:

Information / Inquiry: Customers can ask for product services, prices, branches, customer data available to the assigned contact center agent.

Complaint Handling: Customers can submit their complaints to the contact center agent and the contact center submits the complaint to the relevant work unit which in the future can be an insight for the company.

Special Assessment / Survey: Customers can get certain assessments such as asking for certain goods or orders and even asking about the distribution of a product.

Outbound Contact Center

Outbound Contact Center is a service where agents make outbound calls to your customers or prospects to meet the various needs of your company. We will help manage your data to find high profits through various channels such as phone calls, WhatsApp and email.

You can use outbound services to increase satisfaction, comfort of your customers and maintain the loyalty of your customers. Some Outbound Contact Center services are commonly used for customer verification, surveys and marketing sales of your company.