About Us

PT Jaring Synergi Mandiri was established in October 2003. The founders of JSM are focus on providing solutions from consultation on formulating business strategy and setting up the organization to conducting business operations. The types of business operation activities includes; Contact Center, Data Entries, and Manpower.

As things have developed, it turns out that our expertise in managing Contact Centers is also needed by non-banking businesses. Consequently, our clients have expanded to include non-banking industries such as Automotives, Multi Finances, Telecommunications Operators, Prepaid TV, Electronics, Retailers, NGOs and Consumer Goods.

We currently focus on providing four types of business services:

  • Multi Media Contact Center Development
  • Contact Center Operation Outsourcing
  • CRM Data Center Operation Outsourcing
  • Human Resource Outsourcing

Our Strength

  • Experienced, committed and proactive team: Our main strength is our team, which is experienced in the upgrading and automatization of business processes and learns quickly to understand and handle the unique aspects of each clients business processes, so JSM can provide an immediate positive contribution to the development of the client’s system and services. Several clients that have received services from us have confirmed that the JSM team is a team that is “Committed and Proactive, full of concern and enthusiasm, that quickly and appropriately addresses and meets the Client’s requests and needs”.
  • Synergix Systems: We build and develop Multi Media Contact Center System Integrated with Issue Tracking System to serve our clients, so JSM can fullfilled the clients unique needs..

Why Choose Us

  • Expert in Multi Media Contact Center System Development (telephone, email, sms, and Omni Channel) Integrated with Customized Issue Tracking System.
  • Experience in setup and manage contact center contact center operation in various industries.

Our Vision

  • Becoming a Business Process Management company that is responsive, innovative, professional, and trusted in a national and international scale; in providing synergistic customized solutions through the application of cutting edge technology.

Our Mission

  • Creating excellent service quality that adds growth value with clients.
  • Creating a sustainable business, for the welfare of stakeholders, employees, and providing benefits to the community.
  • By professional and innovative human resources and organizational values that are constantly evolving throughout regeneration.