Synergix Contact

Synergix Contact

Synergix Contact is an IP-Based Multi Media Contact Center System with integrated database. Using this system, Customers can call or email/sms/twitter/facebook/telegram and other chat platform to the Contact Center and the Contact Center also can make outbound calls and send email/sms/twitter/facebook/telegram and other chat platform to Customers.

Sub systems integrated in Synergix Contact are : ACD, IVR, Black List Phone Number Blocking System and Recording.

Basic Functions in Synergix Contact are:

  • Calls Management
  • Ticketing
  • Information
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Setting

The Recording Systems in Synergix Contact are Integrated with the system so that file recording can be named base on agent name, date and customer ID so that it will be easier to manage the recording. It also has the facilities of conference and chain spy.

Synergix Contact is also supported by Online Report of Contact Center performance. By using this desktop application facility, from the Client’s office and in real time, the Client can monitor the Contact Center’s performance.